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What Sailor moon taught us : Besties are more loyal than lovers



There is one love called “bestie”.You can see the truest self from their eyes.you could be yourself without restraint around them…

Bestie will:

1 When you are in trouble,they might laugh at you at the first place, but then give you help.

Chat without thinking.



is someone who can make you more beautiful.


5 Never remember,but never forget.


6 Got sick and text them,they will answer”take some medicine and don’t die ”.


7 Together,you could sleep peacefully.


8 Knowing all your weakness,they do not desert you but stay with you even though they are not your family.


One is like the summer,the other is like the winter,but together, we could always turn winter into spring.

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What is it exactly that we love about Kung Fu Panda?

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Want to get Free cartoon kigurumi onesie? Here is the chance!Step 1: like us on facebook front page (https://www.facebook.com/Pajamasbuy/)Step 2:Share the specified post to your personal page, and ask your friends to click "like" for the post.The link of specified post: https://www.facebook.com/Pajamasbuy/posts/78832588...Collect 300 likes to get Short Sleeve Totoro Kigurumi (http://goo.gl/xXD1V5) or another short sleeve kigurumi with the same value at pajamasbuy.comCollect 500 likes to [...]

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Fans Photo

please add your photo on there...

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azflashjp: 言わずと知れたピカチュウの着ぐるみですが、1枚目は5年前の撮影、2枚目は昨年撮影したものです。 5年前のものは本来のゲーム上の姿に忠実ですが、昨年撮ったものはポケモンセンターで商品化されている丸みの強い体型になっていますね。 あなたはどちらが好みでしょうか? It’s with all the Pikachu’s obvious wear, but the 1st is photography 5 years before, and the 2nd is the one of which I took a picture last year. Something 5 years before is faithful to the form on the original game, but the one taken last year is the strong figure of the [...]

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Captain America civil war which side would you stand for?

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